Sunday, April 26, 2015

Old Habits May Die, But New Habits...

When my time at ABC was over, I missed the people. I missed the paycheck and the familiar place and the autopilot of how each of my days began. And when certain times of year rolled around, I realized that I missed all sorts of things that had become habit--the Christmas gag reel in December, the frenzy of sweeps shows in May, the preparing of expanded credit rolls in November for the shows that would air over Christmas and New Year's. It's hard to see habits die. The habits in our lives give us a solid footing. They remind us where we've been. They let us know where we are and where we are going.

Today, however, as I walked across town with my son, in what has become a new Saturday habit,  I was struck by how good it felt to realize a new habit had emerged. It's not that this is the first--there have been all sorts of new habits over the last few years. But today, I was reminded that sometimes, we can only discover new habits by letting go of some of the old ones. If I were still racing to work at the crack of dawn, I would never have been able to have the coffee conversations I've had. If I were still consumed with just one genre or form of production, I would never have been exposed to the others that have expanded my mind and my skill set. If I were still walking the same path each day, I might never have discovered new paths and different kinds of time for myself and with my kids.

It's hard to give up things that have become habits. It can be scary to make new habits and new traditions, and sad to see times pass without the habits we expect during those times. But if we allow ourselves to break a habit here and there, we may find not only a good set of new habits, but a whole new way to think, and some new and exciting ways to live.

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