Friday, April 17, 2015

Stepping Forward

On days when I'm not working, I walk. A lot. Whether it's a choice to save bus money or the determination to come out of an unemployed day at least slightly more fit, I tend to cover multiple miles on foot--transporting children, running errands, or simply traveling from any Point A to any Point B.

Am I really any fitter for my lack-of-work walks? I'm not sure. But it occurs to me that the walking accomplishes something actually more important than keeping me in shape or saving a few dollars. When I walk, I am moving forward. I am taking steps ahead. On days when it feels as though it is hard to make any forward motion (and days not working can be that way), charging out into the world on foot makes me feel effective. It makes me feel powerful.

Today, I stepped back into a day of work. I walked only there and back--no miles upon miles under my belt. I am glad for the work, no doubt about that. But I kind of miss the walking. The charging out. The taking steps, and taking control. So, where will I be going from here? Hard to say. I'll have to take the steps to find out. Wherever it is, I figure I'll try it. As long as while I'm at it, I remember to keep stepping forward.

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