Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Daytime Emmys 2015

The Daytime Emmy nominations were announced today, and I was excited to see the names of twenty-some odd years worth of my co-workers all over them. There are, of course, countless people with whom I worked in soaps--on different shows, but still producing and writing and composing and lighting. There are the people who transitioned from soaps to talk shows, and children's media people I've gotten to know through the Children's Media Association. Even though I am not "in daytime" this year, it is still where I am connected, meaning today felt like a big day.

On a daily basis, I don't think much about not being in daytime anymore. I think about having work, in whatever area. I think about finding satisfying collaborations, wherever they may be. I look for new challenges and great co-workers, and I have been lucky to find them, at least some of the time.

A year ago, I had the surprise of being nominated myself, for my work on the online version of One Life to Live. Today, when the Emmy nominations were announced, I felt both connected and disconnected--connected, because I knew so many of the nominees, and disconnected, because it suddenly felt like a long time since I was part of that category, a category in which I lived for so many years, even up until a year ago.

But today, no matter where I am (and some days, I'm not sure), I simply offer huge congratulations to all the nominees, especially those who have shaped my career over the last twenty-plus years. It makes me happy to see that daytime is still alive and well, and that some really good people are out there keeping it that way. And who knows? Maybe next year, or someday, I'll be back.

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