Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Farther, Harder, Longer, More

If I walk a little farther, will the view become clearer?

If I work a little harder, will the path become easier?

If I care a little more, will others care more too?

If I stare a little longer, will the words make more sense?

If I listen a little longer, will the sentences tell a real story?

If I research a little deeper, will I have the answers?

If I open my mind a little more, will I ask the right questions?

If I look a little more inside, will I discover who I am?

If I look around a little more outside, will I discover where I should be?

There will always be farther and harder, longer, deeper, and more. Will they make a difference? Difficult to say. So I guess I just keep at it...

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