Sunday, April 12, 2015

Nobody Tells You

When you're young, and you desperately want mail addressed to you, nobody tells you that mostly mail is bills that need to be paid.

When you're young, and you want a job so that you can make a lot of money to spend on whatever you want, nobody tells you that jobs don't always last and that a lot of money becomes not that much by the time the taxes and rent are paid.

When you're young, and you envy the grownups who get to choose how to spend their own time, nobody tells you that they're not so much choosing as grasping for moments in between all their "have to's."

When you're young, and you're told that you're smart or gifted or talented, nobody tells you that someday, smart and gifted and talented may not be enough.

When you're young, and you just wish school would be over, nobody tells you that even some of the hardest tests you take in school might turn out to seem easier than the tests you'll face in life.

When you're young, and you think that you can conquer the world, nobody tells you that there will be days when you think the world will conquer you.

When you're young, and you think that the best is yet to come, nobody tells you if that's true or not, because the thing is, nobody knows--you just have to grow up and find out for yourself. Each and every day.

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