Saturday, April 18, 2015

Some Days

Some days, walking out the door is the hardest part.

Some days, you walk out the door just fine, but find that getting where you need to go is a struggle every step of the way.

Some days, once you get where you need to go, you realize you'd really rather be right back where you started.

Some days, you're fine where you are, but you feel as though you're supposed to be somewhere else.

Some days, when you think about being somewhere else, you have a hard time imagining not being where you are.

Some days, your imagining takes you to places you never even imagined.

Some days, there's not even a moment for imagining.

Some days, the minutes go so slowly, you figure you'll never be done.

Some days, the moments go so quickly, you can't possibly get done all you have to do.

Some days, the moments make you glad you walked out the door in the morning.

Some days, the hours make you wish you had never walked out the door in the morning.

Some days, you're just ready for today to be another day.

Most days, you figure tomorrow will be.

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