Thursday, April 9, 2015

Waiting For A Sign

I can't always sit and read for a long time. Perhaps it is modern parenthood, perhaps it is a short attention span, perhaps it just comes down to too much going on in the here and now to immerse myself in the there and then.

This week, however, I had the opportunity to read Waiting For A Sign, a middle grade/young adult novel by my friend Esty Schachter. As the hours flew by, I was taken both back to teenage experiences that suddenly seemed like yesterday and into situations so far from my own childhood that they left me speechless. The "must get something done" part of me surrendered to the "let myself be moved" part. I learned, I cried, I felt powerless and powerful, all at the same time. 

Sometimes I question whether I've taken the right paths. Sometimes I wonder if I've followed the wrong things, listened to the wrong people, or squandered all the best opportunities. Sometimes, I wonder if I can trust my own instincts. And often, I hope that there will be some indication that what I'm doing at any given moment is right.

Reading Waiting For A Sign reminded me that there is always time to make a change, to discover yourself, and to make a difference. Whether you are a teenager or a modern parent. Or just someone waiting for a sign...

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