Monday, March 7, 2016

Defining Our Days

It is another day when the weekend blends into the week, when the line between weekend activities and weekday ones becomes blurred, when I am reminded that, when defining our days, all we can really do is manage the "what is" part of our lives...

I sleep late (well, later), because there are no kids to get off to school, but I dress for work.

I buy groceries, because there is an overlap of our free time, and you don't miss taking advantage of an overlap in that little Venn diagram of family life.

I work, because that is how it laid out this week.

I have a little less coffee, but drink it slower, because I am well-rested, but not racing.

I plan for the week, because we all must live by the week to come, even if my "week" has already begun.

I crawl into bed for my end of weekend sleep, even though for me, it is just another night in a series of days defined by the fact that they simply blend together...

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