Friday, March 11, 2016

The Chill Of The Chase

Do you ever feel as though each of your days is about chasing? Chasing the next gig, chasing the homework your kids need to finish, chasing bills and fitness and and a desire for security?

The problem with chasing, in addition to the fact that it wears you out, is that sometimes, you are running so fast on your chase that you are far afield by the time you realize you've been chasing the wrong rabbit.

It seems as though the goal used to be "going after"--going after the best opportunities and the most exciting or fulfilling endeavors. "Going after" is a worthy goal. Yet, when there are so many things to "go after," both for ourselves and for our families, it's often just not possible to "go after" in the way we might want. Instead, we "go after" within the constraints of twenty-four already full hours. Instead, we "go after" what hits our ears the loudest or stands in our path the most firmly. And that kind of "going after" tends to become chasing.

I did a lot of chasing today, and when the day was done, it felt as though I'd spent most of my time chasing the wrong things. Sometimes, when you're running too fast, it's hard to know. Perhaps tomorrow, I will look a little longer before I start chasing. There may not be much time. But often, "going after" ends up to be a better use of that time than chasing...

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