Saturday, March 26, 2016

Only Here...And There

Tonight, I talked to Cuba. Okay, that makes it sound far more something than what it was. Quite simply, I talked to a producer who was in Cuba and was feeding footage from there to the record room where I was in New York. Just part of my day to day work, yet, when I say it out loud, it sounds, perhaps, bigger than what it feels like in the moment.

In soaps, there were all sorts of moments, big and small, that had me thinking "only here." There were musical groups, during whose performances I basically just did my job readying cameras and checking coverage. There were big stars, some of whom mattered to me. And there were smaller stars (like once, a kids' TV show star, recognized only by me!), who maybe mattered more. And there were all sorts of experiences that reminded me that certain things could only happen in a TV studio.

We go through our daily lives, doing our daily work, and if we are lucky, whether we work in TV or not, experiences come along once in a while that make life just a little more interesting, that make us realize that there is something special to where we are. We can write those things off as part of just another day. Or we can appreciate the little extra charge they put in our day-to-day.

I talked to Cuba tonight. And hey, you don't do that every day...

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