Saturday, March 5, 2016

Getting In, Part 8: My Frenemy, The Mailbox

While I know that is still weeks before we will have a mailbox full of thin and fat envelopes from all the college application time and money we put in months ago, I unlock the small box each day, believing that I will pull out some good or bad piece of news. Almost more compelling than my ongoing wish to discover an envelope containing a million dollar check, this desire is full of so many emotions--concern for where my daughter will end up and how we'll pay for it, angst about how good a job we did with the lists and the essays, how the decisions will affect all of our self-esteem. And perhaps, most of all, the need for relief from all the limbo.

I suppose we live a lot of our lives in limbo--somehow, always waiting for information or opportunities we don't yet have. It can be debilitating--always checking the mailbox, looking around the corner, wondering what will be. So, while my current love/hate relationship with my mailbox will be over in a few weeks, the limbo of life will go on, perhaps indefinitely. And perhaps that is a lesson that both the bound for college and the way beyond college among us just have to learn.

It's just part of getting in...and of getting through.

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