Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Reminders, And Moving On

While I generally live in the here and now, every so often, an anniversary approaches, and I am reminded of a time or experience past. And so it was that as I caught Grand Central Station out of the corner of my eye, I thought back to my days commuting to "soap camp" in Stamford. It was three years ago this month that that adventure began--three years that seem both a blink and a lifetime. Three years ago, the daily trek to Stamford was the answer to a prayer for work, after many months of wondering if I should just give up "this television thing." Three years ago, I was eating at cafeteria tables with friends and colleagues from a lifetime of work, and believing that we might be on the forefront of the new TV. Three years ago, the daily return from Stamford landed me at Grand Central at all sorts of hours and made me keenly aware of the "real time" of the commute.

Three years have passed, and these days, I am quite far from "soap camp." I wonder (as I suppose we do on all sorts of anniversaries) what choices I would have made if the timing of that adventure had been different. I wonder what would have happened if the endeavor had lasted. I wonder who I would be without the experiences I have had over these last three years.

The anniversary will come and go, as anniversaries do, and I will continue to live in the here and now, because that is what I do. That first trip, three years ago, was a big moment for me in so many ways. Yet, big moments come along every day, if we let them. Those six months, three years ago, were an experience that will stay with me for years. But perhaps, in one way or another, every experience stays with us, each informing the next, and building the person who moves on.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Grand Central, and I am reminded. And then I keep moving on...

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