Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Me I Was

The me I was had other people pick up my kids, except on the rare occasion that I finished work early enough to be anywhere.

The me I was bought groceries only online or on weekends, as there were rarely any weekday hours for such endeavors.

The me I was lived with a clear split between work and home, with full trust in a sitter at home and full dedication to my work at work.

The me I was saw schools primarily on conference and event days.

The me I was couldn't ever figure out whether I fit better with the mommies or the nannies.

The me I was thought everything went along pretty smoothly...

As we, and our circumstances, change, often daily, we are probably never the me's we once were. We adapt, we adjust, we manage. And before we know it, we have become different people, with different schedules, different priorities, different emotions. And though we may mourn the loss of the me's we once were, we can also celebrate the me's we now are...

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