Thursday, March 24, 2016

Faltering...Not Falling

We've all been there. We do the research, do the networking, do the homework, make the choice, take the risk. And then what felt so close we could taste it evaporates before our eyes. We did everything right, but we didn't achieve the outcome we wanted. What do we do, then, when we have committed so much of our time and so much of our heart to something, and we are suddenly faced with a brick wall?

I would like to think that our willingness to throw ourselves so deeply into something new is our sign that we were looking for a change. Perhaps the change we went after was not quite the right one, or perhaps the timing just wasn't right. We can curl up and retreat to the old, or we can find new ways to create change. I would like to think that our ability to make the choice and do the homework is a reminder that we are capable of more than what we do every day, Perhaps we won't end up doing the "more" that we anticipated, but we can find other ways to do more.

Despite our best efforts, sometimes, we falter. When we do, do we let ourselves land in a heap, or do we remind ourselves why we were taking those big steps in the first place? Do we retreat, or do we forge ahead, just in a slightly different direction?

If we are to take steps, faltering just comes along with the process. It's in catching ourselves, and putting ourselves back in step, and back on track, that we make sure "falter" doesn't lead to "fall."

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