Saturday, March 12, 2016

Up To Me

It is up to me to find enough daytime sleep to survive working overnight.

It is up to me to learn what is needed and when and to submit it properly and on time.

It is up to me to try to do what is best for myself and what is best for everyone else.

It is up to me to see about breakfast, to see about lunch, to see about dinner.

It is up to me to protect and defend my kids, while teaching them how to protect and defend themselves.

It is up to me to bring home some of the proverbial bacon, and to fry it up in the proverbial pan.

A lot is up to me. So it is also up to me to find the people who will understand and help make it possible. For, to have the power of "up to me," we also have to have the peace of "in it with you." So it's up to me to have the coffee, to ask for the help, to let it, for a few minutes, not be all up to me.

Because when it comes down to it, "up to me" works a lot better when there are friends around to help hold up the me it's up to.

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