Friday, March 25, 2016

Emmy Time Again

The Daytime Emmy nominations came out today, and I am happy to see that they include lots of people I know--some on the few network soaps that are left, others for web series, and still others on talk shows or children's programs. So, while in my own life, the Daytime Emmys seem to be slipping farther and farther away each year, they are still quite present in the lives of many people with whom I've worked over the years.

When I was working at ABC, the Daytime Emmys consumed a great deal of our attention. For years, One Life to Live rarely managed to win much of anything, but later on, this changed, and I was thrilled to be a part of several winning teams. We, the AD/Editors, spent countless hours creating Emmy reels for all of the show's nominees--sometimes, as simple as formatting a show to specifications, sometimes compiling clips from many episodes if a category allowed for that. Each year, we put our best out there, and some years, we came home with the statues.

In all my years there, I attended the awards only a few times (during none of which we won). Mostly, I watched from home, or found out by text. Yet, the awards remained important in my TV life.

Today, when I read through the nominations, I was obviously happy for my friends whose jobs and shows were recognized. But I celebrated for them from an odd distance. The Daytime Emmys are no longer part of my own daily existence, and I don't know if they ever will be again. And that makes me a little sad, as if a door I didn't even know mattered closed behind me.

Things change constantly, so who knows where I will be when the nominations come out a year from now. So I suppose, for today, I simply celebrate my friends, the nominees, and leave next year to next year. When I may or may not be there when they announce "the nominees are..."

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