Sunday, July 17, 2016

Another July 15th

Another One Life to Live anniversary has come and gone, commemorated by multiple "family members" (or would you call them descendants?) posting on Facebook. How often does a place you used to work live on so completely, even after it is gone?

I suppose that in this case, it is not just the workplace, but the work product as well, that lives on. We were a part of two daily stories--the one happening in New York City (and then, for some of us, in Stamford), and the one happening in Llanview. There were days when Llanview was far more exciting than reality, but there were also NY moments that far out-ranked fiction. Ultimately, however, we made up generations of the family that kept it going--some of us there for a long time, others not as long, but all united by the connection.

So, as I read the "happy anniversary" messages, I can't help but feel lucky to have been part of that family, and to carry its legacy with me, even all these years later. Another year has come and gone. We are all a little bit farther from where we "grew up." But it's never too late to celebrate an anniversary with family.

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