Sunday, July 3, 2016

Four Dollar Risk

I have never tried it before, but the sign on the grocery shelf announces that it is the low price of four dollars. It is a fantastic price, if I like it, or a total waste if I don't. It is a risk. And before I know it, the four dollar item is in my cart.

I am not a risk-taker by nature. I have rarely been the one on the high dive, and I was the child who spent hours in the toy store making sure I spent my birthday gift money just the right way. 

But four dollars is a risk I can manage, at least today. As I blithely take that risk, I can't help but think of my days between jobs, when I would have hesitated to spend four dollars on a sure thing, much less, a risk. As I happily accept the chance that I will have wasted my time, money, and trust, I can't help but think of times when all I have wanted was a sure thing.

But life is full of all sorts of risks, and not that many sure things. That doesn't mean we have to climb all the diving boards and gamble all our savings. But when we can take that four dollar risk, when we can take a chance that may open our minds or expand our view, whether in a culinary way or in a more significant way, isn't the risk worth it? When we are not so trapped by circumstances that we avoid any risk, doesn't it feel good to allow ourselves that little risk once in a while?

The coming days will tell me whether my four dollar risk was a worthwhile one, or a waste of my money and time. But I can say already that taking a little risk--when I am able--makes life a little more interesting.

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