Wednesday, July 6, 2016

For Today

For today, if a little less sleep means a little more time appreciating my out-of-school kids, I will sleep a little less.

For today, if working nights means being able to control my days, I will happily teach myself to make night into day.

For today, if peanut butter feels good and chocolate feels even better, you will see me eating them right alongside my fruits and veggies.

For today, if "yes" is safe and easy, and "no" isn't really necessary, I will let things fall as they may.

For today, if I get to the gym, I am happy. If I stay five minutes longer than yesterday, I am even happier.

For today, if there is success, on any front, I am successful.

For today, failure is just temporary.

For today, today is enough. Tomorrow will be another day...

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