Saturday, July 23, 2016

Day on the Dayside

I dress in the early hours of the morning, and prepare a lunch that will actually be eaten at lunchtime. I head for the bus with hundreds of people who, like me, are rested, dressed for the day, and ready to work. But for me, today is not just one day like every other day. Today, unlike most any other recent day, I am working dayside, 8-4, to be specific. And after several months of nights and overnights, I am genuinely confused.

I head into the kitchen--wait-people drink coffee at this hour, don't they?

I head to the shower--wait-I took a shower not that long ago, when I was on the back end of a night shift.

I go to get dressed--wait-am I dressing for daytime heat or overnight lack of sleep cold?

I pack a lunch--wait-does lunch look the same as stay awake snacks?

I head to my lobby--yes, Mr. Doorman, I am as confused as you are to see me leaving at this hour.

I walk to the bus stop--wait-I am with a crowd, not alone, and there are many buses coming, not just one or two.

I arrive at work--wait-relieving the overnighters, rather than the other way around.

I take my meal break--wait-I can actually go out, as it is not the dead of night!

My day is done--wait-what? Done? In the middle of the afternoon? Now what do I do?

It is truly amazing how our systems adapt so quickly to our current reality that what was once normal can feel so abnormal. It has been a lovely few hours on the dayside. But it's not so terrible that I'm a little confused. I'll be back at night before it will even matter.

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