Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Grass Is Greener

In a matter of hours, I have traveled from a world of green fields and tag sales to the world of subways and skyscrapers. I have gone, in a heartbeat, from weekend to work, from away to very much here. 

You might expect melancholy, or even annoyance, as relaxation gives way to responsibility, as freedom gives way to structure. Yet, as I swipe my ID to enter work, I feel little of this. Instead, I feel grateful that this swipe enables the many family activities that happen when I am not here. Instead, I feel lucky to call the shots enough of the time and to be able to pay for the shots most of the time. Instead, I feel good to walk into a place where people know my name and trust my work.

It is true--I have left the green, and the fresh air, and the freedom that was my weekend. But sometimes, the grass really can be greener in the places you least expect. And that other grass? It'll still be there for next time.

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