Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Days of Cake and Parties

Around this time, twenty-some odd years ago, I was finishing Month One in what was to become a many-year stretch at One Life to Live. I'm not sure my feet even touched the ground as I traveled to and from the studio each day. I had happened into my dream job, six days after graduating from college. How was that even possible?

For me, every day was exciting, but in that first month, added to the excitement were assorted staff birthdays (we seemed to have cake every day) and a major show anniversary, complete with a formal party. For a twenty-something, right-out-of-college soap lover, it was truly magical, an experience that few could match.

Jump forward to now--the parties and cakes tend to be the ones I make for my kids, and the formal occasions are few and far between. It is a long time since those "days of cake and parties." But it is also a big distance between the "me" I was then and the "me" I am now. Back then I was soaking in and following instructions. These days, I am much more likely to jump in, and much more likely to question. Back then, work was close to being my whole life. These days, I am careful to make sure there is life alongside the work. 

One could argue that the magic is gone, and perhaps if magic is defined by starry eyes and fancy parties, that would be true. I would argue, however, that magic is not just about parties and cake every day. Magic is what we find when we allow ourselves to enjoy where we are. When we engage and challenge. When we turn what happens to us into what works for us.

Those first months' days of party and cake are long over, but I am learning that there can always be parties and cake--as long as we're willing to take a bite. And take a chance.

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