Wednesday, May 27, 2015


It wasn't until I went to post yesterday's entry that I realized that it was number 1000 in a string of posts that began close to three years ago. I doubt that I realized on Day 1 that I would still be posting all these days later, or that I could have imagined 1000 posts and counting. I suspect that the creators of soap operas that lasted into the 5-digit numbers didn't imagine those numbers either when they began creating their serial worlds.

When I started, 1001 posts ago, I simply wanted to tell a few stories, to keep twenty-plus years of working in soaps from becoming just a dim memory, to recognize people who had shaped my life, and to make sense of a world that had been turned upside down. Posting has taken me up and down, through the euphoria of new experiences and the despair of difficult ones. It has reminded me daily that we really are capable of changing and growing and discovering. It has given me a purpose on days when purpose was hard to see and a calling card when I was unsure quite what to call myself.

1001 is a big number. It would be enough to stop and still feel that I had accomplished something. But there is more to say. There is more to discover. And there is still room to grow. And still more chance to remind myself that I'm nowhere near washed up yet.

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