Sunday, May 31, 2015

All Dressed Up And...

It is rare that we all dress up. While I have overseen wardrobe for my daughters to wear to shows or parties, for my son to look spiffy on picture day, or for myself for a networking event, I have not had to coordinate the efforts of all five of us very often. This is probably a good thing, because as we prepared to attend a family wedding, I was way out of my readiness league. Though we'd reviewed clothing days ahead of time, I still found myself buying shoes both the day before and the day of. Though the ties and hosiery were chosen, inhabiting them was another story. Somehow, we all made it out the door. I'm just not sure that any of us looked quite the way I'd imagined.

Yet, as we sat at the ceremony and then the reception, I began to realize how little the perfect wardrobe mattered. While it was good that we were not wearing t-shirts and tattered sneakers, and while it felt good to be dressed specially for the day, most of it kind of fell away in the midst of seeing relatives and watching the wedding couple. I wasn't sorry that I had filled in the gaps in shoes and little accessories, but I was definitely glad that I hadn't gotten any more caught up in the dressing everyone aspects of the day. Sometimes, you see, we spend so much time on the trappings that we have no energy left for the really important parts of a wedding, or of life. So, while it may be good to be prepared, and it is appropriate to be appropriate, it is perhaps most important to be vigilant, so that our focus on the little parts doesn't obscure our view of the big ones.

Today, we got to celebrate the marriage of two people whose friendship and humor could inspire us all. We dressed up for the occasion, because that is what people do. But I am happy to say that we didn't over-think or over-dress. Because that can just get in the way of thinking at all, or doing just about anything.

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