Thursday, May 21, 2015

Kentucky Bound, Part 2

So--for the burning question--"Why Kentucky?" I am working these next few days on a Live From Lincoln Center special about the Chamber Music Society's residency at Shaker Village in Lexington, Kentucky. It is what has become a rare opportunity for me to AD, and each minute takes me back to what I love about that...

The director and I are talking about shots, and the Chamber Music Society Coordinator says it's as if we are speaking a different language. I know that language, and it is exciting to be able to understand it and have an opportunity to speak it.

I am going over setups and schedule with camera operators, some new to this kind of endeavor, some veterans. What I say to each may be different, but my message is the same--your particular expertise matters here, and together, we will get through this and make a great show. I love being the person who conveys that kind of energy.

I am hearing and overhearing information that matters, and I am passing it along so we can do something about it. I feel knowledgeable and proactive, and it feels good.

I am seeing things that will affect shots or traffic or the day in general, and I can do something about them. It really does matter that I'm here.

I'm on my feet with the crew, cold when they're cold, standing on the meal line and sitting at long tables with all the people working on this job. I am part of a team, a production team. It has been a long time.

I am back at my hotel, preparing to sleep before an early call and a busy day. It will be long, but I've done longer. It will be the good kind of "we did it" tired.

Yesterday, I wondered how traveling to work would feel. Today, I am reminded of how worth it the travel can be when you love the work.

To be continued...

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