Tuesday, May 19, 2015

One Thing At A Time

There was food. So I cooked it. 

There was something broken. So I fixed it. 

There was a rip. So I sewed it. 

There was a skinned knee. So I bandaged it. 

There was a fly ball. So I fielded it. 

There were balls in the air. So I juggled them. 

There was time. So I filled it.

There was work to do. So I did it. 

There were banners to carry. So I carried them. 

There was hurt. So I soothed it. 

There was sadness. So I tried to hug it away. 

There was exhaustion. So I slept. 

There was confusion. So I talked it through. 

There was fear. So I tried to calm it. 

There was chaos. So I tried to organize it. 

There is always something we can do, and even the small things add up. Never underestimate what you can accomplish when you take just one thing at a time...

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