Thursday, May 7, 2015

Sometimes I

Sometimes I think it's a good thing I live in a tall building, since my elevator pitch, which should be of a length deliverable in, say, five floors, generally takes at least eleven.

Sometimes I figure it's useful that I've done a lot of different jobs in my career, since it often feels as though we are all now expected to do a lot of different jobs.

Sometimes I assume that everyone is generally scrambling to keep up with the curve, rather than staying ahead of it, because who can possibly curve that fast all the time?

Sometimes I hope that whatever I am giving my children in support or advice or just being there is enough, since I am generally doing the best that I know how.

Sometimes I wish that I could know what is two days or two months or two years ahead, so that I could plan based on reality rather than supposition.

Sometimes I believe that making a decision can be more important than whether that decision turns out to be right or wrong.

Sometimes I speak so that I feel that I am contributing.

Sometimes I am quiet, because that is more of a contribution.

Sometimes I write because I can, and sometimes I write because I have to.

Sometimes what we do today makes a difference tomorrow, whether it's in an elevator or in our careers, in our families or in the quiet of our own thoughts.

Sometimes, what we do sometimes is what really creates what we do all the time. So we may as well make the sometimes good.

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