Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sources Of Power

Some days, I'm cooking with gas. Other days, my kitchen and my life run on a combination of nervous energy and "what time is it?"

Most of the time, my car runs on regular unleaded gas. Some days, I swear it runs on a combination of "I'll get everyone everywhere" and "I hope the GPS is right."

Many mornings, I jump-start my day with a protein bar. Some days, it jump-starts itself with a combination of 5am anxiety and 5:30am "you're already a half hour behind."

Often, I am swept through the day by the sheer momentum of life. Sometimes, my daily journey is powered by a little guilt and a little chocolate.

Once in a while I truly believe that I am operating on free will and my own choice. Much of the time, I realize that my decisions are based more on time and distance and other people than on what I'd really choose to do.

Most days, I end the day feeling as though I have accomplished something. Some days, I am grateful just to end the day feeling anything.

Sometimes, my motor runs all day, whether I'm going anywhere or not. Other days, my motor doesn't even want to start, no matter how many places I need to go.

Some days, I feel powerful, simply because I've made the coffee or done the laundry or written a few words. Other days, no amount of fuel--protein, chocolate, guilt, or accomplishment--can give me that power.

Stoves and cars are easy--you know where you're getting your power. If only our own sources of power could be quite that simple...

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