Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Steps In The Journey

Today, I officially became a Contributing Writer for a site called This doesn't mean that I will be "quitting my day job" (whatever that may be on any given day). It doesn't mean that I will no longer be writing here. It simply means that every week or two, something I've written will appear somewhere else.

Obviously, I am excited about being published in other places--isn't that what all writers want to go along with their love of writing? But I am also excited about the website itself. Its mission is to inspire creative people. So the work that I publish there will not only keep me writing even more regularly, it will, I hope, inspire other creative people (and people who haven't yet unleashed their creative side) to go for it--to write, to paint, to stitch, to craft--whatever it is that moves them. The site will have lots of voices--all sorts of approaches to the idea of being creative--and it will be an interesting place for me, and its viewers, to explore all kinds of self-expression.

Almost three years ago, this blog was born from a need to tell a few stories. It has grown, along with me, and has become a place to process, a way to make sense of, a reason to stop and think about things each day. My pieces for may be a little different, but perhaps they are just another step in a journey--from silence to voice, from "maybe" to "yes," from "I wonder" to "I can." And along the road of life, those sound like some of the best steps a person can take.

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