Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Day By Day

It is a day shift today--the first in a while--so I scramble to ready myself while readying my kids for school. Early mornings used to be second nature. It is amazing how our bodies adjust well enough to the new that they almost forget the old ever happened. And so it is, that today I leave in daylight and return in daylight.

I could perhaps get used to this. And yet, it is nothing to get used to. It is just a day, as are the many other days, each a little different, each requiring a slightly different skill set, each demanding a slightly different level of patience. I am learning, ever so slowly, to count in days. Not in years--like a five-year plan. Not in weeks--like six weeks till vacation. Just days. What hours will I be working today? Will I be home for breakfast today? Will I be making dinner today? Will I make any important phone calls today? Will I sleep during the day today?

Day by day is an adjustment. It is about meeting the uncertainties of tomorrow with a certain stability about today. It is about getting past what might be tricky right now before worrying too much about what will happen next. It is about accepting a little and managing a little and realizing that things will change.

It was a day shift today. I was home for dinner, and we enjoyed it. But today is done. And we move on to tomorrow. Day by day.

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