Friday, October 23, 2015

Time and Space, Space and Time

Working constantly changing shifts can do a number on a person's sense of time and schedule. Which would cause a person to wonder...

If work is from midnight to 8, what time is breakfast?

If your meal break is at 10pm, is the meal dinner or dessert?

If you come home from work at 9am and go right to bed, is it a nap, or a good night's sleep?

If you sleep before going to work, at whatever hour, does that sleep count toward today's quota, or does it just make up for what you didn't do yesterday?

If you took a shower before going to work at night, is that yesterday's shower, or today's?

If you work all weekend, with days off during the week, does that mean you have no weekend, or simply that your weekend is some other time?

And does it really matter whether you know what day or time it is at any given day or time?

I'll get back to you on that--just hang in till my next meal break or weekend...

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