Saturday, October 24, 2015

Roads To Success

This week, I read an article in the Director's Guild magazine about Zetna Fuentes, a former One Life to Live director and producer who is now a sought-after prime-time episodic director in LA.

In some ways, it seems like just yesterday that we were sitting together in a soap control room, just days ago when we were working on her reel in preparation for her move west. As I read about all that has happened in her life, it sometimes feels as though I have been standing still all that time. And yet, I realize that though our paths may be different, hers perhaps more glamorous than mine, we both have come a long way since our days together at ABC.

I suppose that is the case with most everyone with whom I worked back in my soap days. With just a few exceptions, we all went our separate ways, some more successfully than others. But when I read about my colleagues, it is not just the stories of those who "made it big" that move me. On the contrary, it is often the stories of the people who completely redefined themselves--with a move away or a new hobby or profession, or just a new outlook. We have all moved on in one way or another, taken the skills we learned or the connections we made to find new places and missions. We may not all warrant an article or a screen credit. Nevertheless, we all share having been a part of a team and a production model that sent us to where we are now.

It was exciting to see an article celebrating someone with whom I used to work. It's nice when good things happen to good people. And it's particularly nice when we are reminded that "moving on" can take all sorts of forms, each one of them a chance for what we can call success.

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