Saturday, October 31, 2015

I Can Handle

I can handle cutting poster board--as long as straight lines are not required.

I can handle glue, both hot and cold, and gluing again when the feathers or the pictures or the pieces of bark fall off.

I can handle cooking pasta, if it doesn't matter much whether it's al dente.

I can handle things I've done before, and a lot of things I haven't, as long as I have a moment to process.

I can handle up, and I can handle down, even when they seem to come right on top of each other sometimes.

I can handle work and out of work and in between, because sometimes you just have to.

I can handle the old way of doing things, and the new, because it's hard to be new if you're just in the old, and hard to be complete if you're just in the new.

It's kind of amazing what we can handle when we allow ourselves to try. I may not be able to handle every thing, every day, but if the last few years have taught me nothing else, they have made me realize that my "I can handle" list (only excerpted here) is a whole lot longer then I ever would have expected it to be...

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