Friday, October 9, 2015

If You Give A Mom A Crisis

(with thanks to Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond)

If you give a mom a crisis, she will jump to attention. When she jumps to attention, she might twist an ankle or break a foot and need to go to the doctor. So she'll intend to go, but on the way, she'll get another text about another crisis that makes it virtually impossible to go to a doctor. So she'll head to the bus stop to rush to the site of the second crisis on the way to the first. When she sees how far away the bus is, she'll realize she has to take a cab. When she sees a cab, she'll check for the "available" light. When she discovers that no cabs are available, she'll start to walk. As she's walking, she'll get a text that the first crisis requires her to buy something to solve it. So she'll stop at the corner drug store. Stopping in the corner drugstore will remind her that she is in dire need of chocolate, which she sees is on sale there. Seeing the sale will remind her that she'd rather not pay what a cab will cost, so she keeps walking, quickly, to the crises, eating chocolate as she goes. As she walks, she realizes that the chocolate has made her thirsty. So, having saved the money on the bus and the cab, she buys an iced coffee, which she is sure will help her get to the crises more quickly. So she walks faster, because getting to the crises faster will help her get home faster and get to work faster. Thinking about home and work will remind her how hard she works to juggle the two. The juggling will remind her of jumping, and when she thinks about jumping, she'll remember why it is that her foot hurts. And when she remembers why her foot hurts, she'll consider not chasing the crises. And while she's considering not chasing the crises, she'll get yet another text telling her that the crises are actually over.

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