Thursday, October 29, 2015

National Chocolate Day

I am not a sucker for every wacky holiday made up by social media, or the greeting card industry, or even my kids' schools. There are even some long-time, well-established holidays that I would happily do without. And yet, when I read that today was National Chocolate Day, I could not, even in my post-late-night, what-day-is-it stupor, resist.

And so it was that I made fudge (though exhaustion and distraction made it turn out not QUITE like the recipe). And so it was that I entered a contest to win a book about chocolate (likely making myself a target for all manner of online marketing). And so it was that I had a bit of chocolate with breakfast, a bit with lunch, and a bit more when I arrived home from my long night of work (nobody really has to know that I do some of these things even when it's NOT National Chocolate Day).

It may well be that not EVERY holiday that someone invented has to be celebrated by us all. That much celebration could, among other things, make life pretty unproductive. But once in a while, I happen upon one that I consider well worth it. And maybe this one, while we're at it, can last for a month.

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