Saturday, October 10, 2015

Safety Net

I race-walked forgotten supplies to a child's school, and was met with the most sincerely relieved face you ever saw. As I walked home after, not nearly as quickly, I thought about the safety net I had been able to provide, and the temptation I'd felt to make a "teaching moment" by not providing the safety net. And then I thought about all the times when I've felt as though I was drowning and someone rescued me. I thought about all the times when someone walked the extra mile for me, with a home-cooked meal, or an extra hour of sleep, or just a friendly smile or a good laugh.

We all can use a safety net sometimes--something that protects us a little from our mistakes, keeps us from drowning in our own shortcomings, or simply bridges a gap when we just can't do it on our own.

Perhaps I missed the opportunity for a "teaching moment." Or maybe I just taught something a little different--the operation, and the importance, of a sturdy, dependable safety net.

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