Sunday, October 11, 2015


We can demand that our kids listen to us, do their homework, clean their rooms. And then, even if they haven't, we can give them hugs.

We can ask that our friends listen to our ranting, support us when we're down, be there even when it's not so convenient for them. And then we can tell them how much they matter to us.

We can bristle at things that seem to waste our time or try our patience or accomplish nothing. And then we can choose to see them as opportunities to stretch our minds or expand our abilities or accomplish other things.

We can wish that what we are doing could be a little different, a little more convenient, a little easier, or a little more challenging. And then we can choose to embrace what it is.

There are all sorts of things to reach for, both personally and professionally. But when we use our reach to embrace whatever it is that we are given, we may find that the reach is not so much of a stretch after all. When we decide to embrace...

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