Thursday, April 14, 2016

All In The Pacing

Did you know that editing clips just a little more tightly together gives the viewer a completely different feeling than received when the clips run at a slower pace? That's probably my favorite part of editing--its power to convey a story the way you want the viewer to receive it--through shot choices, story sequence, and pacing. The other pieces are important, but the pace is often what makes it truly yours.

So much of life in general is about pace. Will you wake up early so that you have time to move slower, or will you grab every possible minute of sleep and then race to get ready? Will you choose to cook what is the quickest, or will you linger in the kitchen over a more complex recipe? Will you rush your kids, or will you enjoy the fact that they function at different paces? Each choice affects the feel of your day, the same way the pace of an edit affects the feel of a story.

I often tend toward the fast--get the work done, get the dinner made, get the story moving. But when I slow things down, I am able to see just a little more clearly, able to feel just a little bit more. So, I try to shake up the pacing, whether I'm editing or just living. Because there's always a story to tell. It's just a question of how you tell it.

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