Monday, April 18, 2016

Clutching The Moment

I am a little careful here--to share a lot, without exposing too much. To invite the reader in, but not leave the door wide open. Yet, there are days when what I have experienced overwhelms all. Whether it's a coffee meeting that has left me with warm feelings or new insights, or a gig that made my blood rush, or simply a moment in time that moved me, sometimes feeling overtakes thought, and the result ends up here.

And so, today, I am filled with thoughts of the production of Shrek, in which my daughter performed this weekend. I suppose it is not so surprising that I am humming the songs, as I saw the show four times. I suppose it is not so surprising that I was enamored, given the combination of talent and cuteness that filled the show, and given that my own child was an integral part.

As the weekend went on, I discovered that I had given myself over, not just to executing the logistics involved in getting my daughter and the requisite supplies there and back, but to the show itself. I was transported, each and every time. And now that I am back, I can't help but try to clutch the moment. Wish that I could hold on to it just a little bit longer, savor it just a little bit more. It is one of a handful of moments in my life that are destined to be replayed, over and over, to try to make the feeling last just a little longer.

I could be incredibly sad, and perhaps I will be. As tightly as we clutch, we can't hold on to moments for very long. Or I can be happy, for having had a moment that is worth clutching. For the opportunity to see, and feel, and enjoy. And for the power of clutching something that may fade, but was worth holding, even just for a moment.

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