Saturday, April 30, 2016

Games of Chance

We enter a ticket lottery. We play an arcade game (or 2 or 65). We buy raffle tickets, believing we might acquire a valuable item for just a dollar. Once in a while, we win. More often, we lose. But not much seems to deter us from taking the chance again.

It could be argued that we have wasted all sorts of time and money on results that will never be. Yet, I would prefer to argue that we have invested in possibility. After all, isn't every resume we send into the world at least in part a game of chance? Aren't most of our excursions to places we've never seen an iffy proposition? Isn't every match we play or competition we enter at least a little bit affected by chance? If we were to do, move, or act only on the "sure things," only on the things that we could truly control, would we really do very much in our lives? If we never took a chance, how much of a chance would we really have?

We can play it safe, or we can take a chance. We can kick in a bit of pocket change and walk away with something more valuable, or simply the thrill of having played. Each time we walk out the door (and even when we don't), we can be entering a game of chance. It's up to us whether we choose to play only the chances we have to, or the ones we enjoy as well.

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