Monday, April 11, 2016

Cushioning The Blows--In My Own Way

Did you ever notice that you can have the same experience as someone else, and come away from the experience with a completely different reaction than that other person? For me, the week of live shows on One Life to Live was like that--where others felt stress and annoyance, I felt exhilaration. Each of us brings a unique perspective to an event, and, therefore, each of us walks away from the event with a little something different.

Today, as I bought pillows like those on which I had slept during one of our college trips (yes, I obsessed over them, and researched them, and actually bought them!), I thought about what I was taking from that trip. Sure, there was discovery of a new place and discussion of pros and cons and time spent making big life plans. But in among the big items was the tiny realization that I could make my life a little more pleasant. In among the taking care of my child and "taking care of business," I could take care of myself. In among the serious decision making, there could be a little not-so-serious fun.

College will happen, and growing up will happen, and making decisions about this and a million other things will happen. In the meantime, because I let myself experience things a little differently, I will now be propped up on my pile of super-duper hotel-style pillows, seeing life from a point of view that is uniquely mine.

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