Monday, April 4, 2016

Words Remembered

It's hard to forget the words of wisdom you heard when you were just starting out. Perhaps it is because those who imparted them seemed so much older and more experienced at the time. Perhaps it is because your brain wasn't already full of years of new tidbits then. Whatever the reason, those lessons stay with you.

Today, all day, I found myself thinking of the director who went into every day with the attitude that he would finish the day on time, no matter how steep the odds seemed against him. How, he asked, could you ever even get through a day, much less make it a successful one, if you didn't go in believing you could? And so, today, thinking back to that director, I did what seemed like 24 hours of tasks in 8. I ate when necessary and slept when I could. And with the firm belief that I could do it, I barreled through what might have seemed impossible.

Can we do everything, just because we start our day believing we can? Probably not. My friend the director didn't always make his out-time. I'm not sure any director always did. But I believe he came close more often than he might otherwise have because of the attitude with which he started the day. I believe he got the best out of the people around him because he brought them along on his confident ride.

So, I end my day, perhaps not with everything done, but with a lot accomplished, and with the belief that maybe I can do a few things just because I choose to believe I can. It is, at least, a good a studio day and to any day.

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