Saturday, April 16, 2016

Another Opening Of Another Show

I make my way through my day--errands to run, a semi-typical set of drop-offs and pickups and text exchanges and follow ups. And then at seven o'clock, I settle in to a theater seat for a musical. And before I know it, my child, and close to thirty others, have entertained me for two and a half hours.

I have seen my children in shows before. Obviously, I am proud of their accomplishments and supportive of their endeavors. I manage the calendar, and I schlep when needed. But somehow, this performance is a little different. Perhaps it is that with all the directions I am going myself these days, I have barely heard any practice or seen any of the rehearsal process. Maybe it is that it is a bigger part, or a bigger stretch. Or maybe, just maybe, I am watching with eyes that have changed since the last "opening night." Whatever the reason, this "opening night" leaves me overwhelmed--at all that has gone into what I see on stage, on how many people's contributions have made it happen, and at, of course, my own child's part in it all.

The production (Shrek The Musical) runs all weekend, and I will see it several more times. I imagine the remaining performances will all be terrific. But for now, I savor the feeling of that very first performance--another opening of another show.

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