Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Mornings After

It was only after we shot the last scenes of OLTL at ABC that I really understood what it meant for it to be over.

It was only after I stopped taking the train to Stamford each day that I realized what "soap camp" had given me--and what it had taken away.

It was only after I finished almost two years on my first news job that I discovered what I was carrying in my back pocket when I walked away.

It was only after I had a child that I really understood making choices.

It was only after I had a circus full of kids that I came to know that almost everything turns out to be a choice, whether it is you who gets to make the choices or not.

And thus, perhaps it is not so surprising that today, when the show is over, I realize how much "just enjoy it all" I am now missing and how much "just get it done" there is to catch up on.

Sometimes, you just can't know until the morning after...

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