Tuesday, April 26, 2016

And The Dust Clears...

It has been a week since my daughter's star turn, and the flowers she received are reminding my sinuses daily that it is time to move on. But knowing and doing can be two very different things. It feels much safer to cling on to the good that has passed than to face the unknown that is ahead. It feels much better to celebrate what has been accomplished than to jump into new challenges.

But in the spirit of clearing the dust, I toss some of the flowers that have died. In the spirit of facing the new, I unload bags of clothes from former lives. In the spirit of moving on, I try to focus on the events of today, rather than dwell on the events of a week ago.

Don't be fooled--this is not easy. Shedding the past, whether it is the past of a week ago or the past of 20+ years, calls upon us to let go, at least a little, of the good, and to make peace with the not so good. Letting go of the past can make us feel both lighter and emptier at the same time. But if we are to move forward, to be able to savor the present, we can't cling too tightly to what is past, whether that is clothes that once fit, or a moment that once consumed us.

In the midst of my letting go, a video of my daughter's show appears, and I absorb and share it with glee. But the elimination of dead flowers and non-fitting clothes continues, and little by little, the dust clears...

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