Friday, April 8, 2016

And Life Just Goes On

You step away from your life, even only for an instant, and you return to see life has gone on.

You take your eye off the ball, even just for a moment, and you look back to find that the match has continued.

You play outside the rules, just once, and you discover that in your absence, the game has gone on.

You focus on what feels important right now, only to find that you now can't keep up with what happened already and what is about to happen.

No matter how present, how attentive, how "in the moment" we think we are, life goes on, with or without us. On a good day, we are glad for the movement and the change, and on a not so good one, we are overwhelmed by the speed. And on each and every day, we may as well go along with it. Because, no matter where we are as it happens, life just goes on.

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