Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Getting In, Part Nine: To Attach, Or Not To Attach

Among the things I have learned in this college adventure is not to get attached. Over and over, I have read, and toured, and allowed my mouth to fall wide open at beautiful buildings or exciting sounding courses or friendly students, only to be dashed when my child is rejected, or wait listed, or just plain not interested. It is not an easy task, avoiding attachment. I want to be excited. I want to see the most and the best of where my child might spend four years. But the letdown when my attachment is rendered meaningless is exhausting. So, I am more careful now.

Careful, however, does not mean untouchable. I can't help it--clever, or just plain beautiful, architecture moves me. Course descriptions that remind me that college is quite different than it once was move me. Lists of distinguished alumni that include people I know move me. Is it possible to be moved without getting attached?

Soon, the search will be over, and we will know where my child will spend four years, and where, therefore, my ultimate attachment will land. In the meantime, I am the driver, and the logistics coordinator, and the sounding board. Invested, definitely invested. But not attached.

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