Friday, April 22, 2016

The Tricky Part

I pick up and show up--as if that's all I had to do. The tricky part is, that's only half of my twenty-four hour day.

I sleep and shower, in amounts that perhaps reach equivalence with normalcy. The tricky part is, the sleep is in tiny packages and the shower is in the afternoon on the run.

I am present, visible to my kids at dinner time and textable when they have a question. The tricky part is, while I might be here, I'm not always "here."

I am productive, earning money, keeping house. The tricky part is, I am sometimes doing both through what I can only call a "fog filter."

Schedule change is workable. It is. The tricky part is, I can pretend I am the same person, no matter what my schedule, but anyone can see that I'm really not.

Being up for most of a twenty-four hour day makes for getting a lot done. The tricky part is, you have to be pretty coherent for all twenty-four hours to make sure what's done is well done.

Staying on my toes as life shifts below me teaches me how to maintain balance. The tricky part is, learning balance can be largely about learning how to live unbalanced.

When I succeed, or at least manage, against long odds, I can feel my ability growing. The tricky part is, it can be hard to know how much growth is too much.

Our lives just march on, whether we feel that we can keep up or not. It can be tricky. But if we are a little tricky in return, the tricky is actually what makes us powerful. And the power helps us get past that next tricky situation.

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