Thursday, April 7, 2016

Impossible To Predict

Does accomplishing what others thought you couldn't mean you are capable of anything? Unfortunately, no.

Does making great progress today mean that you will make great progress every day? Unfortunately, no.

Does having clarity about the decisions of one moment mean you will suddenly have clarity about everything? Unfortunately, no.

Does having the support of the people who surround you right now mean that you will have the support of everyone you encounter? Unfortunately, no.

Will the confidence you mustered today last until tomorrow? Unfortunately, no.

While past successes may be predictors of future triumphs, we can't always count on going from one high point to the next. So, we celebrate the victories, and we gird ourselves for the next battle. We stand up to our fears, and we take care of ourselves when we just can't stand up any more. We press on, even when it feels as though we keep having to prove the same things over and over. Do we get to rest along the way? Most of the time, unfortunately, no. But we can keep trying. And sometimes, that is enough.

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