Saturday, April 9, 2016

Somewhere In Between

I am on the train with the rest of the world. Having lived in the shadows of night and overnight work, I am in the middle of a few dayside shifts. I don't expect the situation to last, but for today, I travel with the fresh-faced (or sleepy looking) folks who work in the daylight every day. I fit in (or seem to) with the majority of the world. I fit in.

And yet, I don't fit at all. I realize that after years of early mornings in soaps and months of overnight schedules in news, it doesn't really feel right to commute with the commuters. After years of either being unable to do kid pickups or the recent doing kid pickups after a survival nap, I have now landed somewhere in between.

Maybe, actually, that's the best way to describe this "not washed up yet" life of mine. It is not the beginning, or the end. In many, many ways, it is somewhere in between. A time somewhere in between where I was and where I will be. A series of places, each of which is just a stop, not a final destination. A life that is changing every day. I may be here for a while, and some days I'll fit, and others I won't. I guess that's just how it works when you're somewhere in between.

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